Ettore Belgrado

a real and also very different native Venetian citizen. Born in Venice in the early sixties:

“Using the camera feels like an extension to my hands. I just have to look through the viewfinder to discover a nature, as if it was a secret, which is hiding and only wants to be discovered.”

I have travelled a lot Asia, especially Nepal and India, but also the USA from New York to New Mexico. And all through these years I moved on with new technologies, but alternatively I rediscovered old technics. Pinhole is only one of them, Infrared photography is fun and since I do a lot of black & white photography it is obvious that I love to develop them often on my own. Also I do experimental photography, mixing “old and antique hardware” with digital technology and software of our time. There could be much more to say but I prefer to let my pictures speak.  If You have any particular question, don’t hesitate,  feel free to contact me.

At this moment I live and work in Venice, Italy as a free photographer for different Stock-Agencies, Tourist-Guides, Journals and Publishers. Also I am preparing  an exhibition in Venice. I speak native italian, english, french, german and spain. My “right-hand” is a native German and  worked for an Agency of Photo-Productions for many years.

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